Last Update: Wed Jul 18 08:08:51 -0400 2007


Rools - 0.3

        * facts can now have a defined namespace
    * fixed csv_test
    * added load_xml_rules_as_string and load_rb_rules_as_string
        * 100% test coverage
        * Applied doc patch from John Mettraux

Rools - 0.2 released 2007/05/22

        * specifications have been created using RSpec
        * fix bug #10985 regarding the support of rule extension
        * fixed assertion of a fact within a rule

Rools - 0.1.6 released 2007/05/20

        * todo #1319 use Rails conventions for rules parameters.
                WARNING: no more free for all.
                The variable used in the rule has to match the define parameter (a Class type)
                therefore the variable has to be a lowercase singulr version of the parameter.  This is
                required now to support multiple facts
        * todo #1318 expand assert to accept more than one object.  You can also use a fact notation
                to add facts and call evaluate
        * todo #1283 rule priority completed
        * todo #1286 added facts that can be asserted
        * todo #1288 decision tables have been completed

Rools - 0.1.5 released 2007/04/27

        * todo #1282 Added unit tests for baseline
        * todo #1283 Added rule priority (not completed)
        * todo #1284 Added XML rule format
        * todo #1286 Added facts support
        * todo #1287 Added decision table capability
        * todo #1288 Added logging capability to trace engine
        * todo #1292 Major Rakefile upgrade for site auto-generation (Thanks to John Metttraux)

Rools - 0.1.4 released 2005/12/15

        * Removed "examples" folder since my RDoc kung-fu cannot be denied and the examples were redundant
        * Added Rools::open to rools.rb
        * Added pscp.rb to create SshPublishers on Win32 with PuttySCP
        * Added Rools::RuleSet#assert return codes, :pass and :fail
        * Added stop and fail methods to RuleSet, Rules, and DefaultParameterProc

Rools - 0.1.3

        Finished most documentation
        Tweaked the rakefile

Rools - 0.1.2


Rools - 0.1.1

        Added RuleConsequenceError