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Ruby Rools

Rools is a pure Ruby rules-engine. Its goal is to abstracting business logic and program-flow. Rools is ideally suited to processing applications where the business logic undergoes frequent modification.

Current version is 0.3

It’s about businesss logic in workflow and bpm. The idea is to have business logic directly at hand, not embedded within the software.

In Rools you can define rules using decision tables, in XML or as Ruby classes.

Grasping it

To quickly get started.

Getting it

You can get it as a gem or check out the source to build a fresh gem or use it directly. Note: If you decide to build you own gem, please make sure to read the Developer documentation and required gems.

Using it

There are a few examples on how to use Rools.

Need Support

You can try the Rools User Group first, but make sure you read this first:

For commercial and dedicated support or sponsored enhancements (demand-driven development), please email.

Test Coverage

AutoTest is now being used to continuously run the tests on any change. Current Specification/Test Coverage is now: 100.0% using RSpec (check svn)

It is Behavior Driven Development aka BDD from now on!